2023 Light Switch – Sketchbook Choreolab, New York NY

2021 Best Clowns – Ashley Shelton, Virtual

2020 In / Out Music Video – Metasequoia, Ithaca NY

2019 Honeysuckle – Peridance APEX, New York NY

2019 Dress Up / Dress Down – 7MPR Midnight Performance Series, New York NY

2019 The Pickle Jar – SMUSH Moves, Jersey City NJ

2018 film of birds -WAXWorks, Brooklyn NY


2022 VashtiDance Theater – Urban Jelly Traditional Priests, New York NY

2019 Lauren Horn – Group Piece at Blood Language Show, Somerville MA

2019 Vivake Khamsingsavath – Le Feuille Qui Tombe at PMT House of Dance Gala, New York NY

2019 Julia Antonozzi – Welcome to Be Here at Chop Shop Dance Festival, Seattle WA

2018 Margaret Wiss – Two by Two at National Water Dance Festival, Springfield MA