Body of Work


A manifesto on joy, responsibility, and other people’s thoughts. An excerpt of a longer, future work (WIP performed at The Craft, 2019)

Thank you to Armando Young for the music.
Thank you to Hallee Bernstein for the video.

The Pickle Jar

A study on the pickling process in a very technical way, brushing on the experience of preservation and isolation. Originally a duet, this piece was extended to a group work at Small Plates VA, 2019.

Thank you to Todd Hayden for the music. Thank you to the dancers: Julia Antonozzi, Taina Bey, Erin Hicks, Alex Johnson, Lilly Katz, and Erin Lyons.


This piece explores the reduction of individual identity through gender presentation, and the exhaustion that comes with gendered performance. The shallow representation of different varieties of gender performance through clothing changes directly represent reductions of genuine phrase work from outside collaborators in its original solo form, Trial by Dress-Up.

Thank you Otto Klemperer and Pascal Rogé for the music. Thank you to Shawn Zhang for the video. Thank you to the dancers: Taina Bey, Erin Lyons, and Honoka Usui.