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In/Out (2020)

Watch this incredible collaboration with Ithaca based band, Metasequoia, at their Youtube Channel



Honeysuckle (2019)

A manifesto on joy, what we allow ourselves, what we can pursue, what we can achieve.

Sound Score: Armando Young


Dress-up/Dress-down (2019)

An expansion on a solo work (Trial by Dress-Up), this piece explores the reduction of individual identity through gender presentation, and the exhaustion that comes with gendered performance.

Sound score: Otto Klemperer, Pascal Rogé


Photos for ‘The Pickle Jar’ coming soon!

The Pickle Jar (2019)

Culmination of research on the fermentation pickling process, and how the different stages of the process relate to humans and their assimilation as a result of shared experience. Broken down in this work, the stages: brine, submersion, suffocation, waiting.

Sound Score: Salt-n-Pepa, slenderbodies, Keaton Henson, Big Scary


film of birds (2018)

An exploration of Emily Dickinson’s text ‘A Bird Came Down the Walk’, delving into concept of individual desire within group socialization. 

Sound score: Jean-Louis Martinier & Marco Ambrosini, Punch Brothers


Instructions on How to Attend (2018)

A non-linear portrayal of the learning process of empathy. This ‘inherent skill’ is reassessed as a part of human experience that requires constant attention and conscious development.

Sound score: Yo-yo Ma, Charlie Puth, Bartholomaus Traubeck, Woodkid, John Coltrane, & Duke Ellington


Sweet Sunday Brunch (2017)

A lighthearted vignette depicting the experience of dragging your tired self out of bed to meet your friends at brunch. One receives a burst of energy from being surrounded by people you treasure, only to feel the pull of sleep again.

Sound score: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Alfred Brendel and Sir Neville Marriner, The Irish Descendants


Partita of a Greater Whole (2016)

A dance examining the concept of compatibility in the context of relationships. Is the disconnect born from individual difference, time, need?

Sound score: Noboku Imai, Martha Tilton


Nocturn (2016)

A work meant to address the idea of being manipulated by another person versus purposefully changing yourself. What does it mean to change for yourself versus someone else?

Sound score: Hundred Waters, Emile Pandolfi