Artist Statement

I am interested in challenging our conception of what we must learn as humans and what is inherent in human behavior through examining the way that bodies relate to one another in space. Through lenses of psychological study and imaginative world building, I investigate how individuals treat themselves and those they interact with, and how those internal and external interactions transform through time. Gestures of the everyday, a close relationship with our own weight and the ground, and a conscious variability in dynamic distinguish my work. Maintaining open artistic communication with my dancers, I construct movement that is meant to be physically and emotionally accessible to the witness.

Intellectual accessibility and kinesthetic empathy are pillars that I consider essential to my practice. Through dance making, I provide the witness with enough information to remain engaged with the work, while simultaneously allowing them to form their own impressions of their experience. I also craft sound scores with this philosophy in mind. Sound permeates, allowing artists and witnesses to share a common environment, and I believe that it is also a powerful tool to communicate mood and motivation.